Wallpaper Printing Sydney

A dream sales office that is truly unique to your business? Or a customised home feature wall to add a unique personality to your house that on one else can have? 

Welcome to one of the most cost effective and visually impressive interior signage products on the planet. Custom wallpaper can be used in a variety of applications and is suited to both commercial and residential buildings alike. Also known as Wall Art, Wall stickers, Wall decals, Wall coverings and more, Custom Wallpaper gives Brisbane business owners the ability to create atmosphere and mood inside even the dullest of establishments.

The Benefits of Using a Customised Wallpaper

  • Fully customisable – can adapt to different sizes and shapes
  • Photographic friendly – Create custom wallpaper with your family photo
  • Digital Graphic – illustrates a story for your brand or your home
  • Minimises Wall damage – The technology we use causes very little damage to the wall if you decide to remove the wallpaper.
  • Environmental Friendly – PVC free & Odourless print, GREENGUARD Children and School Certified (The #1 safe option for your family, children & client).


  1. Oversized café menus
  2. Creating a scenic view in the middle of the hustle and bustle
  3. Change-able and visually impressive, advertising space.
  4. Oversized Murals for any setting.
  5. Creating false views with false windows or invisible walls.
  6. Use shadows and lighting tricks to visually increase the size of the room.
  7. Highlight your company’s core values/beliefs and shout them from your walls.
  8. Cover unsightly paint work without the hassle of painting.